Pellet Mill HPR

HPR Pellet Mills are designed for pelleting of all types of powders, including single-component and mixed materials.

  • Can function as stand-alone machines or in the technological lines for pelleting.
  • It can pellet any mixture for animal feed, poultry, pigs, cattle, fish, rabbit or chinchilla.
  • Additionally, it can pellet alfalfa, beet strips, wood chips, straw and all the various forms of biomass.

Model Drive Capacity

Animal feed Biomass
HPR 40 4kw 100-150 kg/h 30-40kg/h
HPR 75 7.5kw 200-350 kg/h 40-70 kg/h
HPR 150 15kw 400-600 kg/h 100-150 kg/h
HPR 220 22kw 600-900 kg/h 150-200 kg/h
HPR 370 37kw 900-1500 kg/h 200-350 kg/h
HPR 550 55kw 1500-2000 kg/h 300-500 kg/h
HPR 750 75kw 2000-3000 kg/h 400-700 kg/h